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What We Do

IT365 is an executive education and training company based in Odisha, India, that works on the principle of ‘Result Focused Learning’. We’ve trained on various aspects of behavior and soft skills training that empowered them to become effective professionals. We design customized learning initiatives to help companies develop ‘people capabilities’ to meet their business objectives. We partner with clients to deliver corporate training programs encompassing the entire gamut of classroom, online, mobile & video learning that bring tremendous growth amongst executives while constantly keeping an eye on organizational goals.

Give your business the hard edge by enhancing your people’s soft skills through our comprehensive Soft Skills & Behavioral Training solutions.

Get results. Adopt our Result Focused Learning.

  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Customer service training
  • Business communication Training
  • Personal Effectiveness Training


We understand the importance of adopting different methods of training to suit varied learning needs. Therefore, Work Better offers a host of learning formats to meet your specific requirements.

In this mode of training delivery, participants are upskilled in instructor-led sessions that involve a mix of classroom training, experiential learning, live online classes and virtual learning through videos and mobile. The instructor adopts a blend of two or more learning methodologies based on the learning needs of participants. ILBT is a highly effective learning methodology since instructor-led classroom sessions are supplemented by video learning, online classes and experiential learning to maximize learning and retention of knowledge. It allows for real-time feedback, questions and answers, and malleability in delivery in real-time to suit learner needs.

Multitude of learning formats | High effectiveness | Expert facilitators | Tailored to learner needs

Explore, our experiential learning arm, provides engaged learning and knowledge-sharing through innovative activities. We are experts in helping organizations meet their business objectives through bespoke experiential learning solutions. We partner with you and our client to design and deliver high impact programs which help drive various business objectives through in a fun, adventurous and entertaining manner while keeping the learning intact. Our solutions, besides being novel and relevant to learners, are also highly scalable to cater to varying group sizes ranging from 20 – 1200 for a duration of 3 hours to 30 days.

Widest range of activities | Options to suit different budgets | Bespoke activities | Expert facilitators | Impeccable execution

It’s fun. It’s adventurous. It’s entertaining. Yet it means serious business. Experience your business objectives turn into reality through our Experiential Learning Solutions.

  • 1- Widest Range of Activities
  • Work Better Training offers you the widest range of activities to make your outbound programs a huge success. We have a unique array of activities & challenges for the various business objectives you may wish to achieve. With innumerable activities suited to meet your organizational goals, learning and internalization of that learning by your people is guaranteed.

  • 2- Options For Every Budget
  • While experiential learning has traditionally been seen as niche and expensive, we believe that budget should never be a constraint towards building great teams & organisations. Hence, we offer different kinds of activities at different price points to suit every budget.

  • 3- Bespoke Activities
  • Work Better Training specializes in designing bespoke learning activities for organisations. Customized to your business objective(s), our team will research and create activities, just for you. Moving away from the regular run-of-the-mill, our bespoke activities will take you on an exciting learning journey to be experienced by your organization only.

  • 4- Expert Facilitators
  • Work Better facilitators are subject matter experts with a thorough knowledge of driving experiential learning to deliver visible results. With years of experience across industries with different objectives, they make Experio programs fun while ensuring the resultant message is extremely real, practical & implementable.

  • 5- Impeccable Execution
  • Years of experience in this business has helped us create systems that ensure flawless execution of activities. Right from the first discussion with the client to determine their objective till the very end of the program, the Work Better team will ensure that every participant has an unforgettable experience, which is fun yet seriously impactful.

What Business Objective(s) Do You Want to Achieve Through Explore?

Tell us what learning outcome are you looking for? With each Explore program, it is possible for you to achieve a single business objective or a multitude of them. We will help you meet your target.

  • 1. Collaboration & Teamwork
  • 2. Leadership Development
  • 3. Dealing with Conflict
  • 4. Change Management
  • 5. Decision Making &Problem Solving
  • 6. Innovation & Creativity
  • 7. Goal Orientation & Sales Mindset
  • 8. Project Management
  • 9. Influence & Negotiation
  • 10. Customer Centric Mindset
  • 11. Motivation
  • 12. Strategic Thinking